You can eat can vape!

The first candy

for vapers...

For the 10th Anniversary of the birth of the ToB brand, starts the ToBe Candy project.High quality candies produced with the same food flavorings used for the production of our e-liquids.A concrete demonstration of the purity of our raw materials, strictly pharmaceutical grade, with aromas 100% made in Italy and certified for food use.

To celebrate this event we have chosen ten of the most successful aromas, re-proposed in the candy version.

With the To Be Candy project we want to introduce a new way for flavors tasting, associating to each e-liquid the respective edible product, with the same identical flavor, which perfectly matches the taste of vaper without altering the palate.

As we all know, vape involves very complex receptors and it is for this reason that the aromatic perception of e-liquids can be altered by several factors. It often happens that, eating a candy, a chewingum, or after coffee, what we were vaping until a few minutes before, is totally different or even unrecognizable.

ToB candy reduces these alterations  providing to the vaper the same taste of  his favorite e-liquid, enhancing the aromatic perception.


Multifunction aluminum Box
Anniversary Edition- (limited series)

30g Candy (drops) of 1,5g

+ 10ml e-liquids

The Anniversary edition of ToB candy is sold in a practical and elegant aluminum box designed to be reused as a coil container, replacement atomizers, cotton, batteries, spare parts and 10ml bottles. For this reason the Anniversary box contains inside a 10ml bottle with the same flavor of the candy contained inside.

Find the flavor that's right 4 you!

To Be candies are produced with the same flavors of our e-liquids

to guarantee the exact same taste obtained by vaping.
You do not know which e-liquid to choose?
Look for our single candy at the counter and use it
to taste the aroma that is right for you.

Candy Pocket

Candy drops of 1,5g

In pack with freshness-proof closure

One shot Candy

Candy of 5g

Single pack

Choose your favorite e-liquid by tasting our One shot Candy.

(available at the counter).
Ask to the shopkeeper.

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